For many years, our personnel have been performing a wide range of diving projects both in the domestic and international markets. A number of these projects have been for municipalities, utility companies, and other governmental agencies. Our dive spreads and equipment include:

  • Surface-Supplied Air (Shallow and Deep-water Diving Systems)
  • Nitrox (N2/O2) Diving
  • Surface Mixed-Gas (HeO2) Diving
  • Bell Bounce/Saturation Diving (to 1,000 fsw)
  • Diver HD Video Systems (CCTV) and Still photos
  • Underwater Exothermic (Broco) Cutting
  • Underwater Welding (in accordance with AWS D3.6)
  • Jetting/Eductors and Dredging
  • Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) and Positioning Support Operation