We bring the best well qualified personnel and the right equipment for each underwater cable project. We take great pride in the relations we build with our customers by giving them the best job possible. That in turn equates to the longest possible life for your cable.

Our team has backgrounds in underwater cable reaching back into the early 1970s. We have vast experience with all types and sizes of power cables from 2.5kV to 345kV and Fiber Optic Cables of any size or fiber count. We excel on difficult and challenging projects where our past experiences find the best solution to your problem. By having our diving and ROV capabilities within Harbor Offshore, our personnel understand the complexities of what we are trying to perform underwater.

Cable Locating and Repair

We have the personnel and correct equipment to verify the location of existing underwater cables, or cables that need repair or additional protection. Before attempting to recover an underwater cable it is prudent to determine the present condition of the cable as well identify any other objects that may have been placed over the cable since the original installation.

If your cable is having problems with bottom scouring or damage from vessel activities or ice, we will be able to assist you with the best method of adding protection to your cable. This can be in the form of concrete mattresses placed over the cable or split protectors installed on the cable. Sometimes the best solution may be the placement of rock around and over the cable.